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1.      The Republican endocrinological dispensary (RED) is

the main specialized institution that provides medical and preventive care to patients with endocrine diseases and is an organizational and methodological center for combating diabetes, obesity, thyroid diseases, adrenal and pituitary diseases in the territory of the Republic of Alania.

We are focused on providing quality patient care in accordance with the latest international guidelines, standards and clinical algorithms for the treatment of patients with endocrine pathology.

In GENERAL, the management of patients is carried out in the following stages:

1.        Advisory assistance.

2.        Dispensary observation.

3.        Day hospital.

4.        Round-the-clock hospital.

5.        Rehabilitation.

6.        Preventive work with the population.

7.        Organizational and methodological assistance.

8.        Maintenance of the Federal register of patients with DM.


In the dispensary Department RED is carried out on an outpatient basis

polyclinic work, which includes the following tasks and functions:

1.    medical care for adults and children

refill "endocrinology»;

2.    carrying out sanitary and hygienic training of patients and their


3.    if it is impossible to provide medical care in

outpatient conditions and availability of medical indications referral of patients at risk of endocrine diseases and their complications for examination and treatment in inpatient departments of RED and other hospitals;

4.    registration and selection of patients in need of care

specialized care, including high-tech medical care;

5.    in the presence of medical indications and in the absence of

contraindications patients are sent for rehabilitation activities in specialized medical and Spa organizations;

6.    dynamic follow - up and treatment of patients who are on D»

the account in the RED ;

7.    prescriptions for medicines

preferential categories of citizens;

8.    survey of citizens in the direction of the draft Board

Republican military enlistment office;

9.    referral of patients for examination in medical examination;

10.  the realization of examination of temporary disability;

11.  providing advice to doctors of other medical institutions of RSO-Alania on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of patients with

endocrine disease.              

                As a structural unit of the endocrinological dispensary, the Russian Railways polyclinic operates in close contact with the inpatient Department. Patients are hospitalized in the day and night hospital departments, followed by treatment and rehabilitation activities in the dispensary Department.

           Due to the existing structure of GBUZ RED MZ RSO-Alanya has

there is continuity between outpatient and inpatient care, which makes the provision of medical care quality and affordable.

The following types of medical services are provided in the HOSPITAL:

1.      Consultations of heads of departments and leading doctors RED;

2.      Ultrasound examination of the urinary system;

3.      Ultrasound examination of internal organs;

4.      Ultrasound examination of pelvic organs (gynecological diseases);

5.      Ultrasound examination of the prostate gland;

6.      Ultrasound examination of the thyroid gland;

7.      Ultrasound examination of the kidneys, adrenal glands;

8.      Rheoencephalography (research of vessels of a brain);

9.      Rheovasography (examination of vessels of the lower extremities);

10.    ECG service;

11.    Ultrasound Doppler of the lower extremities;

12.    Radiography service;

13.    Stomach x-ray;

14.    Magnetic laser therapy (1 procedure);

15.    Acupuncture service(1 procedure);

16.    Biochemical, clinical and diagnostic tests;

17.    Hotel services 1 bed-day in a paid ward.

2.      Algorithm of treatment in ED for a foreign patient


3.      Contact information

Office, Department


head of the dispensary department


deputy chief physician







E-mail: red@minzdrav.alania.gov.ru

4.      By endocrinologists and medical specialists.

specialized diabetological care is provided to the rural population of RSO-Alania within the framework of "Module" visits.

Work is also being carried out to improve the skills of doctors and nurses. Conferences and seminars are held on the basis of GBUZ RD. RED doctors take part in Russian and international congresses

Patient well-being is a key guideline for Us.